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by Johannes Matthiessen

and his social-ecological art projects with young people world-wide

I was born in Calw (Southern Germany) in 1946, grew up in the Black Forest,

graduated in architecture, taught art for 20 years at Waldorf Schools in the

Ruhr Area, Vienna and Heidelberg. During this period also work with prisoners

and with apprentices in industry, then later in Creativity- and Personnel Development

in firms such as VW in Wolfsburg and Swiss Air in Zürich. Painting and sculpture

exhibitions both in and outside Germany. Assistant lecturer at the University

of Applied Arts in Vienna and the University of Heidelberg.

For the past 12 years underway with young people all over the world as freelance

landscape architect. I attempt to regenerate destroyed landscapes, at the same

time observing the cultural approach common to a particular region (for example,

the Native American Lakota people in South Dakota or the Aborigines in the

Australian Outback). I have received prizes in Poland, USA, Greece and Austria

for my socio-ecological engagement. I see the main focus of my work in the creation

of special Theme-Parks, and of healing locations such as Power Places and Sacred Places.

In recent times, I have discovered that it is possible and also essential to take art

into ecological, social and political trouble spots.

I wish you a lot of fun and inspiration on my web-site,

Johannes Matthiessen

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